Building A Community that Works for Everyone

I experienced firsthand how difficult it is to find a rental or a starter home in this area. We are seeing fewer families here and more out-of-towners who only come during the summer. The cost of everything: housing, gas, food, healthcare, childcare, is stretching many families’ budgets. I will work hard to make sure that people who have roots here can afford to stay here.
I became the Chair of Charlestown’s Climate Resiliency Commission because we can all see the changes after each storm. By building up our renewable energy sector and modernizing our energy grid, we can create good-paying green jobs and tackle the climate crisis. We also have to do more to protect and expand public access to the shoreline in Rhode Island because it is a shared resource for all- whether you’re swimming, fishing, or making a living or a home here. I grew up fishing with my dad all along our southern coast. We need a champion in the state senate for the shoreline access bill that was proposed this year, and I will be that champion.
When we invest in the kids in our community and help them become well-rounded, productive adults, we are all better off. As a former SK public school student and volunteer in an afterschool program for low-income kids, I will always fight for a quality education for our kids.
No parent should ever have to fear sending their children to school. Responsible gun owners in our community agree: we need common-sense measures to keep military-style assault weapons & high-capacity magazines out of our communities and crack down on gun trafficking. My two opponents on the Westerly Town Council voted against these common-sense measures.
I went door-to-door talking to small business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small business owners had to navigate a maze of requirements for grant programs while the biggest chain restaurants were getting the lion's share of federal aid. Going forward, we need to level the playing field for small businesses in terms of access to capital and government contracts, and we need to help ease the cost of starting a business and being an entrepreneur.
I'm running as a proud pro-choice Democrat because I believe that women should have the right to make choices about their future and their family without government interference. I’m the only Democratic candidate in the primary to have the endorsement of organizations like Planned Parenthood Votes RI because they know I've always been a strong supporter of a woman's right to choose.

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