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I firmly believe that our democracy is stronger when we are informed and engaged, so I want to make sure that people have opportunities to stay involved. My contact info is (401) 388-0696 /

I would like to call to your attention the General Assembly website which contains a wealth of information on legislative sessions, including daily introductions, committee hearings, legislative calendars and the complete/updated text of all bills introduced.

Here are a couple ways you can stay in touch so that we can problem-solve together:

  1. Making state agencies work better for you: Whether it’s an issue with a license or benefit you’re applying for, or you would like to see some changes with a state-run parking lot or other facility, we have a team here to assist. You can either call or email me, or reach out to Constituent Services directly at / (401) 276-5556
  2. Giving feedback on bills: You can call or email me anytime between when a bill is drafted, when a bill is up for committee vote, and when a bill is up for a full senate vote.
  3. Giving testimony on a bill pending before a committee: Personal stories are powerful and can help a lot during a bill hearing. You can write a paragraph or a full letter and then email it to the full committee and CC me if you’re in my district. Committees will also take in-person testimony on bills. If you want more information about the in-person testimony process, contact me.
  4. Doing a deeper dive on a statewide issue: Your ideas and feedback on new state initiatives and funding needs could all potentially make its way into a state bill or budget request. Keep in mind the deadline for us to submit bills is mid-February each year.
  5. Coming to a Town Hall: My town halls include updates on the major legislative issues, and it’s a chance to talk about issues in-depth. I send out notices in my newsletter. If you can’t make it or have anything you want to send me right away, please send it to