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Staying In Touch

I firmly believe that our democracy is stronger when we are informed and engaged, so I want to make sure that people have opportunities to stay involved. My contact info is (401) 388-0696 / Sen-Gu@rilegislature.gov. here are a couple ways you can stay in touch so that we can problem-solve together:

  1. Making state agencies work better for you: Whether it’s an issue with a license or benefit you’re applying for, or you would like to see some changes with a state-run parking lot or other facility, we have a team of people who can help. You can either call or email me, or reach out to Constituent Services directly at jbaxter@rilin.state.ri.us / (401) 276-5556
  2. Giving feedback on pending bills: You can call or email me anytime between when a bill is drafted, when a bill is up for committee vote, and when a bill is up for a full senate vote.
  3. Giving testimony on a bill pending before a committee: Personal stories are powerful and can help a lot during a bill hearing. You can write a paragraph or a full letter and then email it to the full committee and CC me if you’re in my district. Committees will also take in-person testimony on bills. If you want more information about the in-person testimony process, contact me.
  4. Doing a deeper dive on a statewide issue: Your ideas and feedback on new state initiatives and funding needs could all potentially make its way into a state bill or budget request. There is a bill submission deadline in mid-February, so please get your ideas in at least 3 weeks before then.
  5. Coming to a Town Hall: I’m planning my first town hall at the end of January to give updates on the major legislative issues and get your feedback. I’ll send out information on the date and time via email, social media, radio, and plenty of other ways. If you can’t make it or have anything you want to send me right away, please send it to